Rebecca’s Journey in Systemic Constellations

Rebecca’s passion for Systemic Constellations led her on a remarkable journey of learning and growth. She embarked on this path in Germany, where she had the opportunity to study directly under the guidance of the originator of Systemic Constellations, Bert Hellinger, as well as other prominent practitioners in Europe.

In 2008, Rebecca achieved a significant milestone in her training when she became the first recipient of the Hellinger Sciencia® Diploma. This recognition not only showcased her dedication and commitment to the field but also highlighted her deep understanding of the principles and techniques of Systemic Constellations.

As a testament to her expertise, Rebecca is a proud member of the German Systemic Constellation Association (DGfS). This affiliation allows her to stay connected with other professionals in the field, exchange knowledge, and contribute to the ongoing development of Systemic Constellations.

Rebecca’s journey in Systemic Constellations has also been influenced by her involvement with Mind Dynamics, specifically the Silva Mind Method from the United States. This additional training has provided her with a diverse range of tools and techniques that complement her understanding of Systemic Constellations.

Systemic Constellations is a powerful approach that explores the hidden dynamics within families, organizations, and other systems. By uncovering and addressing these hidden dynamics, individuals can gain valuable insights into their challenges and find resolutions that promote healing and growth.

Rebecca’s training and experience have equipped her with the skills to facilitate Systemic Constellations sessions effectively. She brings a compassionate and non-judgmental approach to her work, creating a safe space for individuals to explore their systemic issues and find resolution.

Through her work, Rebecca has witnessed the transformative power of Systemic Constellations in the lives of her clients. By bringing awareness to the underlying dynamics at play, individuals can break free from repetitive patterns, heal past wounds, and create a more harmonious and fulfilling life.

Whether it’s working with individuals, families, or organizations, Rebecca’s expertise in Systemic Constellations allows her to guide her clients towards greater clarity, understanding, and resolution. Her dedication to ongoing learning and her commitment to her clients’ well-being make her a trusted practitioner in the field.

If you’re seeking a skilled facilitator in Systemic Constellations, Rebecca’s extensive training, experience, and passion for this transformative approach make her an excellent choice. Reach out to her today to embark on your own journey of healing and growth.

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