In some people, the difficulties related to education, may be related to deeper problems of family order or even broader systemic order. 

Systemic constellations are one of the most effective methods of revealing the deepest structure of what is really happening in relation to a given problem. 

This approach makes it possible to reconsider the problems in a broader systemic perspective which can reveal, in certain cases, deeper, often unconscious links and finding solutions to deep problems solving apparent problems. 

This method is based on what we know about NLP, hypnosis and coaching, such as spatial markers, representatives or symbols, sub-modalities, and sense.

It is possible that the person (child or adults) does not know what and how to express, or does not want to talk about it. In systemic constellations, we do not need much detail, we can quickly reveal the dynamics behind the problem.At the conference, I will show how systemic constellations can work for you, giving you a happy learning.